Roper from Oceanside, California

The Roper variations just get more and more interesting. This looks like an early 40s except for the knobby panel, which shares some aspects of the late 30s models. But what’s the configuration: Stove on the right, broiler on the left and on the bottoms—what? I see 4 burner knobs. So why are there 2 folding tops? My head is spinning but I love it.


Here’s the seller’s description:

$300, Beautiful 1950’s Roper Vintage Stove [no, it’s not a 50s]
February 12, 2009, 07:36 PM
This stove is in excellent condition – it is a 1950’s Roper vintage stove with 4 burners an oven and a broiler with a cool cooking chart inside the door. It is 41” wide and 27” deep. It also has a built in lid to cover the burners as well. There is also a clock and a timer too! $300.00 or best offer!

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3 Responses to Roper from Oceanside, California

  1. morrigan says:

    Very cool looking stove. It looks like one of the salt/pepper shakers is there as well.
    It was worth the wait to see (well most of anyway) the pic.

  2. Flavio Lopez says:

    I interest to buy the stove, How can I contact you?

  3. n54th says:

    Hi Flavio. I sent you a personal e-mail. Here’s the source page for this stove:

    Let us know if you get the stove! We’d love to see some more pics.

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