Roper from Newark, New Jersey

Available now!



It’s got the lamp, timer, S&P shakers, I think! And appears to have all knobs and handles.

Seller writes: Antique Roper Stove – 6 burner with fold down covers. 2 ovens, broiler, warming drawer. May need a little TLC but still works. MAKE ME AN OFFER. Pick Up Only.

Somebody make an offer, quick!!!

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2 Responses to Roper from Newark, New Jersey

  1. mike koegler says:

    i have one kind of like this. do you know ballpark how much these are worth? thanks. mike k chicago

  2. Chriz says:

    It mostly depends on intangibles like whether the right buyer is looking for just this stove when you are selling it. In full working condition, I would say $150-$500 would be a realistic ballpark for this area. Yep, it’s a big ballpark.

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