Wartime Roper brochure

My fascination with and confusion about proper dating of Roper stoves is well-documented on this site. Here’s a brochure that may help somewhat. Either way, it’s got great period details





Below is an interesting bit of info: a letter from the Roper Corporation to stove dealers announcing a new Roper for September of 1944. The letter notes that production of gas ranges in the plant ceased on July 31, 1942. This lets us know that there were 1941 Ropers, so maybe my Roper is correctly dated to 1941. It doesn’t answer the question of whether 1940-41 parts were used on 1944-and-on models.


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12 Responses to Wartime Roper brochure

  1. morrigan says:

    That is so cool…..where do you find all this fascinating stuff?

    My Roper looks so good now that it has all its knobs and that ugly pop riveted handle replaced. Thank you so much again for finding those parts!

  2. n54th says:

    Mostly just eBay! My niche is being Roper-obsessed. Yay for proper knobs and handles!!!

  3. Lyn says:

    Hi, I have a beauitful almost new condition unique gas Roper stove for sale. It has pale green striping on front and sides, and is cream in color. It has broiler oven, lg oven with chart on door and 4 burners and two covers on top. The underside of the covers is speckel grey in color. All of the handles are in the 20’s style of drop knobs and with the striping that fits the style of the 20’s. ? It does not have tall legs though. Bought it from the original owner who worked for the Roper/ Gas company. I was told it was a special deluxe model at that time. I’m in S/E Wisconsin. If anyone is interested in the stove for their collection I can send pictures.

  4. christine says:

    I see that you have a fascination with Roper stoves. We are currently trying to rent my grandmother’s house which has a Roper stove… We think it dates possibly late ’40s or somewhere in the 50’s. Regardless we are trying to teach the tennants how to use the stove and we noticed that on one of the knobs, I believe it is the knob for the broiler, there is an S… But we don’t know what the means. The manual has been long lost to check and I am having issues elsewhere. Any chance you know what “S” means on these knobs?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. : – )

  5. Jesse says:

    I just recently purchased a house built in 1875 and this exact model stove shown in the picture is in the upstairs kitchen in mint condition. Is it worth holding on to and trying to maybe use again?

  6. Chriz says:

    For readers who would like to see Christine’s stove, it is now featured here:


  7. Chriz says:

    Jesse: Congratulations on your new old house and on your Roper bonus! Yes, I would suggest that you give the stove a try. I use an early 40s model myself and am quite pleased with it. The resale value of these is modest, so your greatest return is likely to be in keeping the appliance in place and enjoying it yourself (check out the center-simmer feature on the burners). Let me know if you have any questions about it.

  8. tom says:

    OK, i am bit by the Roper bug. I have just come into possesion of the exact! model on the brochure. Just started to clean, and “restore”. I have not been able to positively date my unit, but the picture is perfect. Model #3804A. Could you please give me some tips on sites for parts, and how to get a copy of that brochure.(to cool). Thanks. Tom

  9. Chriz says:

    Welcome to the club, Tom! What sort of parts do you need? My Roper of this vintage works perfectly, so I haven’t looked for anything but handles. I think you are most likely to be able to source reasonably priced parts from eBay or Craigslist sellers who can’t sell the whole stove (sadly). I have a small stack of these that I’ve acquired while seeking a couple missing handles. The Old Appliance Club and Jack Santoro are great and very helpful about old-stove function generally.

    The brochure is part of my personal collection, but since it’s not of my own stove I might consider selling it. Do you want to make an offer?

  10. Sarah Bullock says:

    I am looking for information on a roper 6 burner gas stove. There are two tops that cover the burner’s and oven and broiler. I believe that it is a 1928 model, has the drop tassel like door knobs. Who would take a look and fill me in. Is there a website that I can get knobs and how would I go about fixing it up so that it could be used. Thanks in advance. I don’t know how to post pictures here, but if someone would like to see pictures just let me know. Thanks again.

  11. Anthony says:

    I have a Roper stove for sale 1944 model 5-7304-s type 116 anyone interested

  12. Tammy says:

    I just left a comment on another of your posts. This stove also looks almost identical to ours. The difference is that ours is a 6 burner, so more knobs. One thing I have noticed that is a little different about this one posted and ours, and just a few others, is that the Roper emblem in the center back is a brassy color. Ours also has the CP safety designation on this part of the back splash.

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