60s clawfoot tragedy

As disinclined as I am to poke fun at someone else’s idea of a stunning remodel, lest my grand schemes be held up for judgment someday, I saw pictures today that knocked my jaw so far down, my tongue just can’t help wagging. I give you, dear people, the worst treatment of a poor, helpless clawfoot that I ever did see.


Are we talking castle fetish, renaissance fair obsession, stoned and overly literal-minded? What!?! But at least they carried the theme around the room.



That sink suggests that this wasn’t even done in the 60s. Was this thing sponsored by Medieval Times, perhaps?

Here’s why I feel free to lambast this loo: It’s in a house in Glenview, Illinois, that’s going to be demolished soon. No doubt in favor of a McMansion. So there is hope for the defiled clawfoot—with any luck, someone attending the demolition sale will free it from its prison.

Also at this sale is a cool, old Chambers stove.


So there was some stylin’ going on at home.

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4 Responses to 60s clawfoot tragedy

  1. Meg says:


  2. Marie says:

    I am speechless.

  3. n54th says:

    Marie—your brother likes this treatment!!!!! Can he come live with you?

  4. Anne says:

    I’ve got one word for that sad bathroom treatment: tragic.

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