Soup seeds

Running into this 1920s ad art online reminded me that I ordered free tomato seeds a few weeks back from the Campbell Soup Co. 


Right after I hit send on the request, we got the news that our girl cat had chronic renal failure, and life became a big blur of meds and treatments. She’s doing better, but I was surprised when the seeds showed up the other day. I was wondering whether the package would say what variety they are, and it doesn’t.


I was going to bet they’re Rutgers, an open-pollinated variety the company helped develop that was introduced in 1934 and is popular for canning. The official press release suggests that might be right. But someone on one of my gardening forums called and asked enough questions to figure out they’re for a hybrid Roma type. In any case, if you’d like some free tomato seeds, check out this link by June 21. Following are some can codes:

Chicken Noodle – Code 1: P5 Code 2: 25 
Cream of Chicken – Code 1: P5 Code 2: 03 
Bean with Bacon – Code 1: EST4C Code 2: 29 
Beef with Vegetables – Code 1: EST4C Code 2: 11

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