The big picture

It’s been a while since I put up full frontal pics of the house, so here’s the latest. Here you can see the two faces—both sides with that vivid red show brick. The house was built like this because it was the first one on this side of the street, so its side face was visible from the main street that crosses ours. Now there is a house to the left of it, put in by the daughter of one of this house’s owners in 1961. Thankfully, she preserved a healthy distance between this house and the smaller one she had built. The one to the right moved in in 1926.


We took these so I could ponder changing the color of the eaves (which really need a paint job; you can’t see that because there’s still aluminum up on the front) and the window trim (which is eggplant color—not historically appropriate and a whimsical addition in my jubilation at removing their aluminum straitjacket … but it still makes me happy even though it needs yearly touch-ups due to our lousy paint prep and the dark shade). I feel like the white parts blare, and I’m tempted to tint the eaves and window trim a light green the shade of weathered copper. I’ve seen some lovely old houses with this sort of red/yellow/aged copper combo. But I’m wary of adding more colors to this palette I’ve already been poking at with the light grey porch parts and window sills. However, the original roof (or the last 3 layers before we got the tear-off) was green. The red and yellow bricks carry such a saturated hue that I don’t think other strong color is needed; yet at the same time I’m having a complete block on the notion of painting the window trim white, as it originally was—even though it would likely be more durable than tinted paint. The white you see around the windows now is the backs of the sashes and the triple-track storm windows. I’d like to replace the storm windows with something more subtle, but I don’t think that’ll be in the budget for quite some time.


In these last two shots you can see the odd, partial-octagon bumpout (remember, there’s a square-sided bumpout on the other side). Also, there’s the natural-again wood around the lousy steel front door, including the blocks we had replicated. The ipe front porch and cedar lattice are still in the process of greying out to match the porch posts.


I still don’t think that porch roof looks right. But we’ll have to dive into the phase 3 of the porch project before I can peek at the original brickwork and see whether it matches this profile. If anyone has any ideas about my color conundrum, I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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One Response to The big picture

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been pondering paint for our brick house, too. I think we are leaning towards a sage/mustard/brick color scheme, too, which sounds similar to what you are wanting. We’re going to put the mustard up on the soffits/eaves, though, and use the sage for the vertical surfaces (porch posts, etc).

    Good luck!

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