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All in, all good

What finally happened in the veg garden is this: 43 tomatoes, 18 peppers and 1 eggplant. Tomatoes: Marizol Bratka Perito Brandywine Sudduth Olena Ukrainian Cherokee Chocolate Lucky Cross Brandywine, Off the Vine Depp’s Pink Firefly Brandywine x Stupice 06 Earl’s … Continue reading

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Tomato garden, take 1

It’s been raining for several hours now, but before that I got the first 7 tomatoes into the garden and, as the first drops fell, mulched them in with newspaper and straw. So the tomato season officially begins at my … Continue reading

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Heeeeere, whistlepig!

I learned the other day that groundhogs, those marmots we mostly only think about in February, eat dandelion heads (be sure to click that link—it’s a great photo). Why isn’t somebody renting them out at this time of year when … Continue reading

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Festive variation

My neighborhood bespeaks classic, working-class Chicago style—belts of bungalows broken up by rows of two-family homes and the occasional oddball like my house. But even when a series of houses sprang from the earth looking the same, there’s no telling … Continue reading

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