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Windows of the year

When you’re lucky enough to have a dozen or more old windows left in your old house, you become acquainted with the some-now-more-later approach. So this year brings me to the big, bad, fixed bay window on the front of … Continue reading

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One of the main benefits of growing foods in your yard is that there come evenings when the garden says, “No, you cannot stay late at work, scrape the windows or clean the basement. Tonight is the harvest. Go into … Continue reading

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Why your old windows rock

Just came across this excellent top-10 list from the New England Window Restoration Alliance. Top 10 Reasons to Restore or Repair Wood Windows 1. Because your windows fit your house. • Quirky as they might be, your older windows fit … Continue reading

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Cheapskate scores!

This evening when I went into the alley to throw out some things, I came upon a short, shiny row of apples at the base of one trash cart. My first compost-wacko thought was: “Marvy! More for my bins.” Then … Continue reading

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Ropers from Iowa

Here are two from Iowa. The first, from Bettendorf and on Craigslist right now for $150, is an interesting specimen with backsplash details different from those I’ve seen before. It also seems to have early 40s knobs but late 40s … Continue reading

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How my garden grows

Starting with the eye candy, here’s an antique ad from J.A. Simmers. I’m not entirely sure that would make me want to grow the company’s carrots, but I might invite them in for a cup of tea, or absinthe. This … Continue reading

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