How my garden grows

Starting with the eye candy, here’s an antique ad from J.A. Simmers. I’m not entirely sure that would make me want to grow the company’s carrots, but I might invite them in for a cup of tea, or absinthe.


This is an amendment to the list of this year’s planting posted below. I decided to try for office toms and carted a couple of plants to work. So send growing waves to Isis Cherry and Black Plum, which now are joining me in my daily labor.


Also I found a couple more pots big enough for peppers last night, and since I haven’t yet given away all my orphan veggies I ended up planting another Paprika and Jalapeno. Can’t ever have too many of those since I pickle the Jals and grind up the Paprikas for spice, which is so neuron-poppingly delicious that I must grow more, more, more—blahahahahaaaaaaa.

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