Ropers from Iowa

Here are two from Iowa. The first, from Bettendorf and on Craigslist right now for $150, is an interesting specimen with backsplash details different from those I’ve seen before. It also seems to have early 40s knobs but late 40s handles.





The next one is from Burlington.




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2 Responses to Ropers from Iowa

  1. Deena Seay says:

    I have a Roper 1941-1942 like the first two shown on your website. I am curious if there is a definite model number. I’m looking for the knobs that match. Tried glue without success. Do you have suggestions? Thank You I loved the info on the site. It was reassuring that this stove has kept its history.

  2. Chriz says:

    Hi Deena,

    The model number for my early 40s Roper is underneath the burners (the whole burner section lifts off) on a metal plate at the back of the stove. Mine is model 4800A, and it’s got the same burner knobs as the stoves shown in this post. After I broke one, I tried finding replacements and had a hard time. I did finally find someone with the right knobs, but the price was too high for me—$68 apiece without shipping and handling. That was

    What I’ve done instead is find a spare that doesn’t match. It was my broiler knob that broke, so it looks OK to have a different style of old knob in the middle there.

    How many knobs are you looking for?

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