Urban inspiration

I became a worm mom recently, through serendipity and the generosity of a compost-wacko compadre. It’s odd and humbling, having become completely at ease with my farming impulses even as I cherish city life, to suddenly be unsure whether I’m up to the task of caring for my squirmy charges. I seem to be doing fine so far. I give them coffee grounds and whirred-up remains of my salads that would otherwise go in the compost bins. And, well, I’ll let you know. But here is an absolute inspiration: Will Allen, who has seen why urban farming is essential and is striving to make it accessible. I’m not sure why I had to read the New York Times to find out what’s going on in my own backyard, but there you have it. “Creating soil from waste is what I enjoy most,” he said. “Anyone can grow food.” So simple—and so true.

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