Any day now

The anticpation begins to burn …


And somebody is about to exit this world …


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2 Responses to Any day now

  1. susan says:

    Found you looking for Roper info. I’m restoring a 50s Roper Gourmet, and am needing some parts for, or a full replacement of, the minute timer. It is not electric, works simply, like a wind up toy might. The actuating wire is all rusty and has snapped. Please let me know if you have any good resources for me on replacement parts. Thanks. I’m enjoying your blog…

  2. n54th says:

    Hi Susan, Unfortunately, Ropers are not one of the “hot” stoves, like Chambers and O’Keefe and Merritt, so replacement parts specifically for it don’t exist as far as I know. I would suggest talking to Jack Santoro at the Old Appliance Club or the folks at Though I also wonder if there might be a clock repairman in your area who might be able to help.

    Good luck restoring your stove.

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