The first ripe tom of the year is a healthy-size Brandywine x Stupice. My friend Mickey grew the plant that created this, from seed of mine a couple years ago. She has an amazing, mysterious way with plants and boosting them to production. This is a very nice-size fruit for early in the season.




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5 Responses to First!

  1. Hooray for Brandywines! We harvested our first 4 Brandywines on Monday evening. 2 of them had splits, presumably caused by a recent rain, but the other 2 were fine and one of them was HUGE! We’re quite a ways south of you guys, but it doesn’t sound like you’re very far behind us in the season.

    Unfortunately, we also harvested a 17-inch zucchini. Yikes! Somehow managed to overlook that one!

  2. Marie says:

    I am very jealous. We have plenty of green tomatoes but cannot seem to get any of them to ripen. I am hoping the 90 degree weather this weekend will help…

  3. ahughes says:

    My first tomato weighed 1.5 lbs, a cherokee purple. Grew it at the community garden at school. Picked 25 lbs. of tomatoes last Saturday, all heirloom. Mostly semi-ripe.

  4. April Hughes says:

    Picked another 30 lbs of tomatoes this week. I am having trouble keeping up with them, LOL!

  5. n54th says:

    April, That is the happiest of troubles!

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