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Happy Hallow

We spent most of the day on scaffolding, taking advantage of a rare day without rain to try to finish the porch-eave project. We did really well, managing to move the rig, scrape, scrape, scrape, patch, sand, clean and get … Continue reading

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Roper Spectro-Matic from Westchester, Illinois

For those of you with mid-century houses or habits, I offer this Roper with Spectro-Matic burner control. I became aware of this when a reader contacted me wondering what the S on one knob meant. To tell the truth, I’m … Continue reading

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Hallow house

While I continue to not update this blog (tuckered out by trying to finish the summer projects, now that winter is creeping forth), I’d like to share this supercool Halloween embellishment courtesy of Warren Letson at the Old House Web … Continue reading

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No pox on my house

On the underside of the front porch roof, after we’d removed the beadboard for easier scraping and repainting, I found a nearly-century-old scrawl in pencil: It says “no good.” Well, I’ve got to disagree with you there, sir. See, I’ve … Continue reading

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