Roper Spectro-Matic from Westchester, Illinois

For those of you with mid-century houses or habits, I offer this Roper with Spectro-Matic burner control. I became aware of this when a reader contacted me wondering what the S on one knob meant. To tell the truth, I’m still not sure, though I’m fairly certain it’s the broiler knob. But check out those color-coded knobs!

It’s interesting that Roper decided to highlight the simmer feature with this model because as far as I know, all Roper burners from this era and earlier have a center-simmer feature, when the inside ring of fire stays lit while the outside one extinguishes.

The brochure in this gallery was sighted at eBay, and the stove pics are from the reader in Westchester, Illinois.

Also springing from this era is the Roper Space-Master.

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3 Responses to Roper Spectro-Matic from Westchester, Illinois

  1. christine says:

    oh my goodness i’m so excited to see my grandmother’s stove on here with my pictures! :o)

    the city, however, is right in the main body of this post, Westchester, not Winchester as said in the title. it’s a suburb about less than 30 minutes from chicago.

    and for clarification, after using the S button it does turn on the broiler. that was a puzzler for a while there!

    thanks so much for posting this!

  2. Chriz says:

    Thanks for the update and the correction. Don’t understand how S stands for broiler but who cares, if it works!

  3. judy says:

    I have a 1935 Roper in excellent condition. Whoi will buy it near Chicagoland. I’m in the weatern suburbs.

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