Happy Hallow


We spent most of the day on scaffolding, taking advantage of a rare day without rain to try to finish the porch-eave project. We did really well, managing to move the rig, scrape, scrape, scrape, patch, sand, clean and get the primer coat on before, uh … well not before dark. Before we collapsed! And I set myself on fire only twice—you don’t want to know how I stopped the glowing paint globs from burning through my pants. Since kids started coming around in costume a couple hours before sunset, we set a monster-head-full of peanut butter pumpkins and cups on the steps and encouraged the costumed to take one (a naive directive to children faced with a bowl of plenty) since we were busy up high. Unfortunately, we had to miss a Halloween party to get all this done, but since we shirked work so much in September we were on the spot to make up for it. Tomorrow we need to get two coats of paint on and get 3 pieces of crown molding on, caulk a bit and pull down that scaffolding since it is partially on our neighbors’ driveway. We have fabulous neighbors. I knew they might be freaked out when we set up infringing on their space (though cars can still get by and park there) since they’d just seen the rig out front for about three weeks. So I put up a sign saying we’d have it down Monday night. We’re really shooting for Sunday night. Cross appendages, and Happy Halloween, everybody!

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