In the spotlight

Coming soon to a porch near … me:


After we get the beadboard ceiling back up, anyway. Seems it’s going to be a two-person job. Mr. Carpenter Cohort started working on it alone yesterday and says with the warping of the old boards, there’s no way to make it a tidy job without an extra hand. And my extra hand isn’t free for several days.

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One Response to In the spotlight

  1. Robert S. says:

    Nice light, but the comment is actually about stoves. I just went through your entire blog and really enjoyed all of the pictures of the Roper stoves. I went on ebay, did a search, and found the mother of all Roper stoves. An 8 burner, center griddle “Town and Country” mansion model. 60 inches wide!

    Ebay item 250527536733

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