Slow and steady …

In year three of the porch project, we have achieved restoration of the old woodwork long hidden by aluminum cladding (see that stuff on the eaves? it’s going next) and also—kaboom—lighting!

We still need to put up wood trim fat enough to hide the transition between brick and beadboard—and that there’s a transition between common brick and show brick that is apparent at the ceiling line. And actually, I’m wondering whether we should scale down the light bulbs a few dozen watts. Granted, I’m used to using the Braille method of finding the keyhole, but this is now the brightest light on the block! Either way, I’m so pleased with how it all pulls together.

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3 Responses to Slow and steady …

  1. Wow, Chris, that looks really good! We’re still on year 0 of our porch project (so far consisting primarily of saying, “we should really do something about this porch”). It’s nice to see that persistence pays off!

  2. morrigan says:

    That looks great!
    Finally I am back, sort of, anyway. I am going to try a weekly visit to the local library to get online. The local phone company really sucks………..

  3. Chriz says:

    Slow, dogged persistence—but, yes.

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