All the trimmings

We did eventually install the finishing-touch trim, the stuff to hide the gap between the restored beadboard ceiling and the brick or wood vertical surfaces. We lucked out in finding a molding that has a little bit of detail to avoid it looking like we just slapped a 2×4 up there, and that also is tall enough to hide what we needed to hide (I don’t know if anyone else can install beadboard so that each piece is perfectly aligned with the one next to it, but we weren’t able to. And, o course, the roof structure is a little wobbly jawed so it wouldn’t matter if we had managed perfect alignment).

You can just see from the dangling extension cord and timer that we also installed an outlet up high in the roof structure. My manly cohort fashioned the hidey trim to embrace the outlet. Probably in the future someone will be annoyed that we chopped up “that lovely old trim” to install an outlet. But we didn’t! The outlet was there first.

Now if I can just find something appropriate to replace that lousy steel door and plywood where there used to be a side light.

In the last shot you can see the evidence that this porch used to have much wider posts—columns in fact, if an old-house friend of mine is right. If only I had seen this years ago when I bought these posts after deciding to ditch the 60s ironwork posts and railings. Ah well, maybe I’ll get around to re-installing something more resembling the originals.

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