“Every housewife yearns …

… to have a modern kitchen of complete color harmony.” Just found this brochure for sale on eBay.

I had no idea that color was such a big deal in 20s appliances. Though sanitary white still appears to be mandatory here.

Edited to add this 1928 ad from House Beautiful—”The climax of kitchen color harmony” … and alliteration to boot.

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6 Responses to “Every housewife yearns …

  1. Kate H. says:

    I think I’ve seen that green one in person. Never imagined it had bright red and yellow siblings.

  2. I love the fact that it’s “Poudre Blue”. That looks so much more high class than “Powder Blue”. 🙂

    The appliances in our house are from much later (1973 or so), when apparently all appliances were supposed to look like they had been made out of wood, just like the cabinets.

  3. Chriz says:

    Made out of wood like with a wood-grain finish, or just brown? There was one of those dark brown stoves in my house when I bought it. It has been displaced by a Roper!

    I’d be gobsmacked to see a 1928 stove with any bright color on it. I think the designer and printer just got out of hand when making that brochure. All the old stoves I’ve seen have muted, pastel colors. I’ll keep digging around to see if I’m wrong on that.

  4. Wood-grain finish on the refrigerator and range, actual wood for the range hood. And for the kitchen flooring, blue shag carpeting. Groovy!

  5. Chriz says:

    Yikes! There was wood-grain contact paper over a shelf in the arched nook in the living room. After a few years I pulled it off and found … lovely old oak! Huh?

  6. morrigan says:

    Old oak under contact paper, that should be a crime! lol
    I can go one better, or at least more interesting… I found a double hung, good sized combination window behind dry wall and tile in the bathroom. I was looking for where I could put a window in that dark cave of a bathroom and was delighted to discover that all I had to do was uncover one, go figure!

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