Tin corner cleverness

While our tin ceiling project has been slothing along, the company that manufactured the tiles, Abbingdon, went out of business. I’ve noticed so many businesses sink during this recession that I’m finally losing my surprise at such news, which really is rather sad. Even the paint store on the corner has gone vacant. Thankfully, our belabored calculations for this project have been right on (for once! have I mentioned the 12×12 marble bathroom tiles that we thought we ordered 2 spares for that we somehow have a stack of?) so we don’t have to scrounge around searching for matching patterns.

But while we installed the ceiling tiles a little over a year ago, and conquered the cornice installation last fall, there were still the dreaded corners that needed coping—tin pieces we had only so many of. Even though we had the tin company’s special corner pieces with the 1/8-inch cuts that were supposed to help with matching one edge to the other, it was looking like an impossible project—each side has an egg-and-dart pattern and there’s no obvious way to scribe the cuts needed to match one bulgey side onto the other bulgey side, let alone cut it perfectly with handheld snips. My partner’s knack for woodworking might have been tripping him up when it came to trying to translate that skill to tin trimming. So I finally just said: Do your best and we’ll see where we are then; if there’s a gap, we can use caulk to hide it. But right after I said that I was doing my obsessive online research that accompanies even projects I mastered years ago, when I came across an ingenious hiding and highlighting solution:

According to this article, that’s a corner ribbon. I had never heard of them, and indeed can’t find them on any U.S. tin sites. But there they are (thank you, Aussies) and what an excellent idea! So with that fancy cover-up in the wings, he forged ahead and it went pretty well. Most of the corner cuts would probably be fine revealed, but there’s one that has a biggish gap, so I’m going to take that timely tip. However, I just don’t have the energy to try to negotiate ordering corner ribbons from Australia—mostly just because I need this project to be done already—so I’m working on creating my own corner ribbons.

I’ve got scrap panels of various designs from the planning stage of this project, and I’ve got enough of one with a leafy profile to cut out test pieces and then four final pieces. Here are a couple of my contenders:

If I decide to go with one of these or some variation on them, I will most likely be painting them white—or maybe copper like the door hardware and light fixture, or maybe white with copper accents.

Have you seen this installed anywhere in the U.S.? I’d love to hear if anyone has and, of course, see pics if possible.

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2 Responses to Tin corner cleverness

  1. I’ve never been to your house, but I’m really enjoying reading about all of the work you’ve been putting into it. You’re far more ambitious than we’ve been! We’re still trying to get the damn bathroom cabinet installed and the walls painted! 🙂

  2. Chriz says:

    Thanks, Wally. I suspect you might be a little tied up raising that boy of yours, though! There’s nothing much more ambitious than that.

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