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Wisteria, woohoo!

Lovely purple blossoms are bubbling out all over the pergola this year. We planted this wisteria 4 or 5 years ago with the hope that it would gracefully entwine this outdoor roof and provide shade for the deck area. It … Continue reading

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In which the boss bitch kvetches

I kinda think it has something to do with both of us having engineer fathers, but we’re very DIY here at North 54th. So it’s a tad exciting when we decide it’s time to actually hire something out. And a … Continue reading

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Dandy davenport

I’ve found the perfect couch for my house and it doesn’t exist anymore. Argh. The purple Pullman Davenport-Bed, as shown in this ad from the March 1924 issue of Country Life magazine. I also love the wall accents.

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