Stinking rose harvest

Whew! I can’t keep up with my life lately. Which actually means that I’ve been goofing off more than usual—biking a lot and entertaining a little—and not getting too much done on the house. Or maybe I should trot out the fact that my laptop has given up the ghost—that’s a good excuse for not blogging, right?

I’ve actually tried to hire people to pick up my slack, which is a rarity around here. I’ve chosen a contractor to paint the eaves, but now I have to wait until his other jobs are done before he has time to do mine. But I did get home before dark last night and harvested the garlic, which will make for a powerfully delicious winter.

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One Response to Stinking rose harvest

  1. Garlic! Yum! We just got back from a week-long vacation and all of our tomatoes seem to have ripened while we were gone. Harvesting tomorrow!

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