Cephalopod installation

This weekend I invited an octopus onto the bathroom window. I hope he
stays a good long while.

Because I love bathroom windows. We worked hard to keep this one and
make it work with the sink and shower placement. But that house that
wasn’t there when this house was built has dining room windows that are
placed such that, if you were getting out of the shower at just the
same time that someone decided to look through that one spot in that
one sash up there—oooh, an eyeful! Now I don’t really think myoctopal from Etsy
is going to block everything from sight, but it’ll give us down here a
fancy little sense of remove. Hopefully he won’t unscrew the lid on the
shampoo bottle or attract reporters around World Cup time.

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2 Responses to Cephalopod installation

  1. Larry says:

    That is just TOO cool!!!

  2. Chriz says:

    Thanks, Larry! It makes me smile every time I see it. I wonder what the neighbors think!

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