Amazingly colorful 40s pics

The Library of Congress has released a mind-boggling collection of color photos from the late 1930s and early 40s.

Annette del Sur publicizing the salvage campaign in the yard of the Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach, California, October 1942.

Flip through and you’ll be struck by how odd it is to see color depictions of that era. These are shots done with slide film. And they’re all copyright-free—so download your faves and frame them for everyday eye candy. The whole collection, 27 pages worth, is on Flickr at the link above, and it includes descriptions, tags and public comment that sometimes identify the photo subjects. If you’d like a whittled-down look, hit this.

Part of the Illinois Central Railroad freight terminal at South Water Street in Chicago, April 1943.

In the tenement district of Brockton, Massachusetts, December 1940.

!Check out that house! Houston, Texas, May 1943.

“Backstage” at the “girlie” show at the Vermont state fair, Rutland, September 1941.

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