Historical bits and bobs

The New York Times writes about the nifty pieces of the past that we find in our old houses.

Among the things we’ve found are newspapers under the floors (one from 9 months before the stock market crash and the other 9 months before the beginning of WWII—gave me pause about putting newspapers under floors!), a note on a flattened cardboard box from one resident to the other about not cooking while drinking, marbles and a Bromo-Seltzer bottle on the grounds, junk mail, and a little pencil drawing in the basement. And I’ve stuffed my share of miscellaneous in the walls. I think it’s even in my will that my journals get hidden in the house somewhere if my executor finds them.

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One Response to Historical bits and bobs

  1. morrigan says:

    I absolutely love things like this! My most interesting find was an old electric kitchen clock (it still works). That clock hangs in my kitchen.

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