Free bungalow windows

Have I got some windows for you! Up for grabs are a half-dozen double-hung bungalow windows originally installed in a Chicago house built in the 1920s. They have a classic four-over-one construction.

Their condition is very good, and I think they would be easy to restore for another 90 years of service. Unfortunately for me, they’re a different size and style than what’s missing from my house. Rough dimensions are 30 x 29 1/4 for the top sashes and 31 7/8 x  29 3/4 for the bottoms. Leave me a message if you’re interested.

And if you’re thinking about replacing your old windows, please consider these points first.

Edited Oct. 5 to add: Taken! At last. Lots of people expressed an interest in these for building a greenhouse. And several others wanted them for art projects like stained glass or rustic furniture creation. Not exactly what I was hoping for them. But at least they are not going to the landfill.

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  1. Windows still available? Eight one five 471 4663

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