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That Monday feeling

I’m not much of a collector (unless you count salvaged windows and doors or Roper stove parts), but I will admit to a weakness for old, embroidered tea towels. And it struck me this morning that my favorite one visually … Continue reading

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Progress afoot

There’s a new creature in our house …

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Summertime Gnaws

Little Boots/Caligula/Cutlet continues to eat everything. And I’ve been munching tomatoes at every turn. Which I’ve been picking not-quite-ripe because of the squirrels’ insane—nay, irrational—appetite this year. The huge ones they take chunks out of turn to slug bait post-haste. … Continue reading

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My furry excuse

This morning my office experienced my new-kitten lateness.  This little guy (we think) first appeared last night, gnawing on the other outside cats’ food. He scampered away when I approached but then peeped back out and got interested in me … Continue reading

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Garden creeps

Mr. Ebenezer has been fully enjoying the cover crop of hairy vetch on the tomato bed. When he’s not kicking back and feeling invisible (though his distinctive coat still gives him away), he has a knack for hunkering down and … Continue reading

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My home colony

It is, quite apparently, ant season, since this is what happened when I watered the houseplants: Though I am a nature lover and a person who is usually rather accepting of the chaos of life (how else could I deal … Continue reading

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Companion pains

It looks like our girl is going to have to get put under sedation and have her teeth worked over. She’s had to wear this “Elizabethan collar,” as named on the bill, since Thursday. (Yes, that is the 70s-ified part … Continue reading

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