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Chrome cleaning recommendation

Retro Renovation shares this intriguing review of a product that might make cleaning chrome less laborious. I’ve got a serious chrome collecting habit, but wow what a pain it can be to keep shiny. Curious to check out this eraser. … Continue reading

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Kidney cat with corn

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Festive variation

My neighborhood bespeaks classic, working-class Chicago style—belts of bungalows broken up by rows of two-family homes and the occasional oddball like my house. But even when a series of houses sprang from the earth looking the same, there’s no telling … Continue reading

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That Monday feeling

I’m not much of a collector (unless you count salvaged windows and doors or Roper stove parts), but I will admit to a weakness for old, embroidered tea towels. And it struck me this morning that my favorite one visually … Continue reading

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Life flitters

It’s been all about tying up loose ends around here lately, so there hasn’t been anything interesting to post. Except that I fell across this picture site the other night—Skarabej-Online Museum of Old Family Photographs. These are photos found in … Continue reading

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Folly from above

Whew, traveling and visiting and being visited has been a jubilant diversion. Nothing’s better than hanging out with friends and making meals that include sauce from our own garden tomatoes, and homegrown garlic and peppers, and even a lemon from … Continue reading

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Intriguing debris

I’m not usually fond of junk mail. Why was I so excited, then, to see these raggedy edges sticking out of the trim on one side of the front door after I’d removed the casings? I think it’s because they’re … Continue reading

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