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If I ever feel like staying home but still being vaguely social, all I’ve got to do is dabble about in the front yard, particularly in spring. There’s always someone going somewhere and quite often a few of them are … Continue reading

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Strolling the city

Chicago is a sprawly town. There are pros and cons to this, but one of its delights is that you can live here for decades and know every doorway of one stretch of street and still be clueless about the … Continue reading

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Heeeeere, whistlepig!

I learned the other day that groundhogs, those marmots we mostly only think about in February, eat dandelion heads (be sure to click that link—it’s a great photo). Why isn’t somebody renting them out at this time of year when … Continue reading

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Festive variation

My neighborhood bespeaks classic, working-class Chicago style—belts of bungalows broken up by rows of two-family homes and the occasional oddball like my house. But even when a series of houses sprang from the earth looking the same, there’s no telling … Continue reading

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The big picture

It’s been a while since I put up full frontal pics of the house, so here’s the latest. Here you can see the two faces—both sides with that vivid red show brick. The house was built like this because it … Continue reading

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RIP, 3 Trees

Somebody went berserk in our side yard last night and attacked 3 of the 5 trees we’ve been growing to shade the south side of the house. They were snapped in half—all in the same way in the same spot … Continue reading

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Rebuilding blocks

Those of you who have been following along know that certain parts of our front porch were scrapped or chopped down. Well, after trying and failing to find a local woodworking shop that would make reproductions for us, we tried … Continue reading

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