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Look, it’s not me! Way up high on the way to paint things! Advertisements

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Painter’s plans

The other day our new paint guy said, “You’re not being a pain in the ass.” This was his response to my being finicky about updating the contract he sent to reflect every little thing we want done. Now I’ve … Continue reading

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Help from above

Divine providence or entropy or something has sealed the decision on whether the aluminum will be removed from the eaves and fascia on the east-facing gable of the house when we have the rest (which was never covered) painted. This … Continue reading

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In which the boss bitch kvetches

I kinda think it has something to do with both of us having engineer fathers, but we’re very DIY here at North 54th. So it’s a tad exciting when we decide it’s time to actually hire something out. And a … Continue reading

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Heavenly hue

I’m posting this here so I’ll know where it is. It’s a nearby church whose color palette I want to snag, and I’ve already got the red and buff (mine’s a little more yellowey).  The thought is to change the … Continue reading

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Happy Hallow

We spent most of the day on scaffolding, taking advantage of a rare day without rain to try to finish the porch-eave project. We did really well, managing to move the rig, scrape, scrape, scrape, patch, sand, clean and get … Continue reading

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On the project list

That’s a garage window. Not a high priority, as you can see.

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