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Photo: Helen Levitt, 1942

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Shiatsu today?

Have I mentioned that I run a day spa on my front porch?

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All the trimmings

We did eventually install the finishing-touch trim, the stuff to hide the gap between the restored beadboard ceiling and the brick or wood vertical surfaces. We lucked out in finding a molding that has a little bit of detail to … Continue reading

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Slow and steady …

In year three of the porch project, we have achieved restoration of the old woodwork long hidden by aluminum cladding (see that stuff on the eaves? it’s going next) and also—kaboom—lighting! We still need to put up wood trim fat … Continue reading

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In the spotlight

Coming soon to a porch near … me: After we get the beadboard ceiling back up, anyway. Seems it’s going to be a two-person job. Mr. Carpenter Cohort started working on it alone yesterday and says with the warping of … Continue reading

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Happy Hallow

We spent most of the day on scaffolding, taking advantage of a rare day without rain to try to finish the porch-eave project. We did really well, managing to move the rig, scrape, scrape, scrape, patch, sand, clean and get … Continue reading

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