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“Every housewife yearns …

… to have a modern kitchen of complete color harmony.” Just found this brochure for sale on eBay. I had no idea that color was such a big deal in 20s appliances. Though sanitary white still appears to be mandatory … Continue reading

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Roper Spectro-Matic from Westchester, Illinois

For those of you with mid-century houses or habits, I offer this Roper with Spectro-Matic burner control. I became aware of this when a reader contacted me wondering what the S on one knob meant. To tell the truth, I’m … Continue reading

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Ropers from Iowa

Here are two from Iowa. The first, from Bettendorf and on Craigslist right now for $150, is an interesting specimen with backsplash details different from those I’ve seen before. It also seems to have early 40s knobs but late 40s … Continue reading

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Wartime Roper brochure

My fascination with and confusion about proper dating of Roper stoves is well-documented on this site. Here’s a brochure that may help somewhat. Either way, it’s got great period details Below is an interesting bit of info: a letter from … Continue reading

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Roper from Newark, New Jersey

Available now! It’s got the lamp, timer, S&P shakers, I think! And appears to have all knobs and handles. Seller writes: Antique Roper Stove – 6 burner with fold down covers. 2 ovens, broiler, warming drawer. May need a little TLC but still … Continue reading

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Roper from Oceanside, California

The Roper variations just get more and more interesting. This looks like an early 40s except for the knobby panel, which shares some aspects of the late 30s models. But what’s the configuration: Stove on the right, broiler on the … Continue reading

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Roper weirdness

Calling all Roper stove owners! I’ve been corresponding with a stove restorer about his work on what looks to be an early 1940s model that has some details he’s trying to replicate. The stove in question has a double oven. … Continue reading

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