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House history hopes

Having pleasantly little to do at work today, I got to amble around the Internet and found some more nifty sites for researching house history. I now think Historic Aerials is one of the coolest things I’ve seen recently. There … Continue reading

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Window triumph

Above: A heat shield commonly used by plumbers while soldering joints helped me save the old glass in this fixed window. You can see the putty scraped easily off the rabbet just above the tape. Over the weekend, I did … Continue reading

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It ain’t easy being green (original, eh?)

I think it was six years ago, when the mower that came with the house decided to try to rip my arm off when I tried to start it, that we decided to get a cordless electric mower. The local … Continue reading

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Wasting …

I would like to know how much time I have spent in my life looking for my favorite scraper. I would advise myself to buy another three of it, but it’s the one that came with the heat gun. I … Continue reading

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Benjamin Bordello

Painting can be a bit, er, repetitive. How do I convince myself to spend a finally sunny day in the basement after spending the previous four nights there? Gogol Bordello on shuffle! One night I was painting so long I … Continue reading

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It became clear to me today that scraping paint on the south-side center window well was not what I was meant to be doing. To wit: Spent most of the day in the house being oppressed by the heat and … Continue reading

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Baluster Spacing Calculator

While trying to figure out how many balusters to buy, I found this nifty, helpful calculator online: It will tell you how many balusters you need for any given length of railing, as well as the measurements at each … Continue reading

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