Painter’s plans

The other day our new paint guy said, “You’re not being a pain in the ass.”

This was his response to my being finicky about updating the contract he sent to reflect every little thing we want done. Now I’ve got extra respect for this paint guy. See, he’d done this odd thing I’ve had other professionals, including a lawyer, do: Rewrite my detailed written instructions and accidentally leave out key points. We were sure he knew he was being hired to strip, prime and paint the eaves and fascia all around the house. But he somehow omitted that from the contract. And I really like to have everything down in writing so there’s an easy way to check that everything gets done. So we updated the contract he sent, sent it back to him and had it printed out and ready for him to sign (I already had) before the start of the job.

The need for this paint job has been looming over my head for years, and I am so relieved at this progress. If all goes to plan, it’ll finally be done this week!

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Chrome cleaning recommendation

Retro Renovation shares this intriguing review of a product that might make cleaning chrome less laborious. I’ve got a serious chrome collecting habit, but wow what a pain it can be to keep shiny. Curious to check out this eraser.

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Help from above

Divine providence or entropy or something has sealed the decision on whether the aluminum will be removed from the eaves and fascia on the east-facing gable of the house when we have the rest (which was never covered) painted. This is a relief, because I knew I wanted that stripey stuff off. It just wrecks the look of the house to me. But there was always the question of what’s underneath. Horror or loveliness or (horrors) something slapdash and unpresentable. So here’s what it is:


That piece was festooning the yard this morning. When the rest comes off, it’ll be the last of the sheathing that was put on to negate the need for repainting. We took it off the window trim and front porch already. Now there’s just that part about getting someone to paint that old wood.

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The real rainbow

glassgemcornbyseedstrustThat’s glass gem corn, an heirloom that you can read about here. I’ve gotten on the waiting list for seed because the allure of those colors was just too much. My own attempts at corn growing were very short and modest. But I’m sure that even if I don’t feel up to trying to nurture this, I can find friends or family who will be up for the honor.

Photo, article and seed saving by Seeds Trust

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Quickie Jacks

Having bought a heap of pumpkins but carved only two, I took knives to these two in bed during a Skype convo on All Hallows’ Eve-Eve. Shot them in the morning with the living room wall as backdrop, and the pics show the color variations that occur in that room with changing light.

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Color love

Finally got some color on my living room walls.

And I love love love it.

Living in an old house whose walls are needy, you get used to the patchwork effect of cracks and holes and plaster or drywall rebuilds. In this house you also have to get used to the walls being beige or brown or yellow, the first two being shades that leave me so uninspired and the latter being disastrous in combination with the first two. So I was simply jubilant to finally work myself to the stage where I could splash some serious hue on those sides.

With the green old-sheet dropcloth you can get a better idea of what I whittled my visions down to. The blue-green crayon was almost my favorite. That’s got a lot to do with this, having to take into account the woodwork and light allowance in the room. I’m very pleased with this.

I’m also impressed by the paint’s coverage and sheen. It’s Benjamin Moore’s Cool Aqua in the Aura line’s matte finish. And I put it over 60-year-old drywall that had been dinged and patched, not to mention sawed out and built back in by the chimney wall. You can’t see any of that with this finish.

Oh, and then there’s the alcove I had installed! That’s a whole other post.

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