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Sharp days

I am unutterably sad. It seems that my girl is finally succumbing to the renal failure that we’ve been nursing her through for years. Maybe she’s just having a bad day and will be bouncing around again tonight, but I … Continue reading

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Kidney cat with corn

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Shiatsu today?

Have I mentioned that I run a day spa on my front porch?

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Cephalopod installation

This weekend I invited an octopus onto the bathroom window. I hope he stays a good long while. Because I love bathroom windows. We worked hard to keep this one and make it work with the sink and shower placement. … Continue reading

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Friend or foe?

I spied this insect on a tomato plant and am wondering whether this crazy-cool summer has made the insects mutate. It’s ladybug-size. And I have seen a good number of baby ladybugs feasting on my aphid smorgasbord lately. But it … Continue reading

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Heeeeere, whistlepig!

I learned the other day that groundhogs, those marmots we mostly only think about in February, eat dandelion heads (be sure to click that link—it’s a great photo). Why isn’t somebody renting them out at this time of year when … Continue reading

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A peek at ipe

I’ve advocated using ipe—a hardwood—for exterior wood projects. Here’s a progression that shows how the color properties change when it’s left unsealed. The first shot shows our deck just after it was finished in 2004. The steps and main deck … Continue reading

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