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Not long for this world

Soon I’m going to have to update this blog’s cover photo. Because that aluminum on top is coming off tomorrow! I had to climb onto the porch roof with the paint guy to show him I was serious about doing … Continue reading

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Vinyl adventures

I’m looking for someone to refurbish these 50s dinette chairs. I know where to get new old-style vinyl. But I haven’t had any luck finding someone who will reupholster them for me. I especially want to preserve that swoopy white … Continue reading

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Off with their pointy heads

Spotted near Navarre, Ohio. I can kinda dig it, except for mourning the tip-top.

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Check out this chaindelier

Being a biker/old house lover/fancy-detail freak, this chandelier made out of bicycle chains pushes many of my happy buttons. This coolness, which makes me wish my ceilings were higher, comes from Carolina Fontoura. See more.

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Tin corner cleverness

While our tin ceiling project has been slothing along, the company that manufactured the tiles, Abbingdon, went out of business. I’ve noticed so many businesses sink during this recession that I’m finally losing my surprise at such news, which really … Continue reading

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In the spotlight

Coming soon to a porch near … me: After we get the beadboard ceiling back up, anyway. Seems it’s going to be a two-person job. Mr. Carpenter Cohort started working on it alone yesterday and says with the warping of … Continue reading

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Shadows of the past

The front porch ceiling was once a vivid blue, as well as a more muted green. This is what I learned from spending the day stripping the original beadboard with the infrared paint remover. Sky blue on porch ceilings is … Continue reading

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