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Check out this chaindelier

Being a biker/old house lover/fancy-detail freak, this chandelier made out of bicycle chains pushes many of my happy buttons. This coolness, which makes me wish my ceilings were higher, comes from Carolina Fontoura. See more. Advertisements

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Heeeeere, whistlepig!

I learned the other day that groundhogs, those marmots we mostly only think about in February, eat dandelion heads (be sure to click that link—it’s a great photo). Why isn’t somebody renting them out at this time of year when … Continue reading

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Festive variation

My neighborhood bespeaks classic, working-class Chicago style—belts of bungalows broken up by rows of two-family homes and the occasional oddball like my house. But even when a series of houses sprang from the earth looking the same, there’s no telling … Continue reading

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Double-hung humor


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The New York Times writes about the “Spite House,” an intriguing 1830 house in Alexandria, Va., that is only 7 feet wide. Be sure to check out the slideshow. I can see the charm in such a modest abode, particularly … Continue reading

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High Victorian tech

My steampunk heart goes tick-tock at the sight of this clawfoot laptop. It’s based on a Hewlett-Packard ZT1000 and can boot either Ubuntu Linux or Windows XP. To start it, you turn the clock-winding key in the lower left part … Continue reading

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New life for cruft

I was honored last week to learn that my colleagues consider me their go-to girl for junk. A friend encouraged me—nay, implored me—to go home and round up odds-and-ends for a schoolgirl’s art project. And boy did I come through: … Continue reading

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