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Not long for this world

Soon I’m going to have to update this blog’s cover photo. Because that aluminum on top is coming off tomorrow! I had to climb onto the porch roof with the paint guy to show him I was serious about doing … Continue reading

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All the trimmings

We did eventually install the finishing-touch trim, the stuff to hide the gap between the restored beadboard ceiling and the brick or wood vertical surfaces. We lucked out in finding a molding that has a little bit of detail to … Continue reading

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Shadows of the past

The front porch ceiling was once a vivid blue, as well as a more muted green. This is what I learned from spending the day stripping the original beadboard with the infrared paint remover. Sky blue on porch ceilings is … Continue reading

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Rebuilding blocks

Those of you who have been following along know that certain parts of our front porch were scrapped or chopped down. Well, after trying and failing to find a local woodworking shop that would make reproductions for us, we tried … Continue reading

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Current conundrum

As summer sinks below the horizon and the cold times begin their sneaky but inescapable creep, I’ve really got to figure out what to do about the front door surround. Figuring out how to replace the missing door itself is … Continue reading

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Crowded at the table

As if we needed any more excuses to eat out or order in, this is the state of my kitchen these days. It’s been sacrificed to support the shellac work on the living room baseboards. Yum, old pine. We can … Continue reading

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