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Sir Henry’s liver spray

We recently visited another 1911 house—actually it was Casa Loma, the former estate of Toronto financier Sir Henry Mill Pellatt. It’s a grand place, and I could share pics of the tower or the round room below it or the … Continue reading

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Pirate tomato

Every year one or two tomatoes display odd protrusions. But this year’s specimen trumps the simple horns of years past. Avast! g The variety is Striped Roman. It seems some people think there’s a market for such misshapen fruits. I … Continue reading

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Chicago Roper seeks new home

Looking for a lovely old Roper of your own? Well, here’s your chance to snap up a six-burner from the early 50s that has lived in one Chicago house its whole life. Leave a comment if you’re interested and I’ll … Continue reading

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Summertime Gnaws

Little Boots/Caligula/Cutlet continues to eat everything. And I’ve been munching tomatoes at every turn. Which I’ve been picking not-quite-ripe because of the squirrels’ insane—nay, irrational—appetite this year. The huge ones they take chunks out of turn to slug bait post-haste. … Continue reading

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