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Sunny break


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The first ripe tom of the year is a healthy-size Brandywine x Stupice. My friend Mickey grew the plant that created this, from seed of mine a couple years ago. She has an amazing, mysterious way with plants and boosting … Continue reading

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Any day now

The anticpation begins to burn … And somebody is about to exit this world …

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Trolling for wavy glass

Does anyone in or near Chicago have a 34 x 15 7/8 piece of wavy glass? I need one to replace the nonwavy glass I broke. Despite my old-window-hoarding ways, I don’t have a piece that wide. I do have … Continue reading

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Oooooooh. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh.

It took a couple years, but the black hollyhocks are in full burst.

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Urban inspiration

I became a worm mom recently, through serendipity and the generosity of a compost-wacko compadre. It’s odd and humbling, having become completely at ease with my farming impulses even as I cherish city life, to suddenly be unsure whether I’m … Continue reading

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